ARLO PHOENIX CAVELL Is now three months old. Our adventure began with a long, unglamorous and at times scary arrival of the most precious gift. The gift of ….

Since we last sat down to write a newsletter we have had the great privilege of announcing the expectation of the arrival of our son…..

A lot can change in three days! In three days, the world can go from darkness into brilliant light. It can go from the depths of despair to rejoicing. The truth is….

A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN A YEAR and it certainly did! We have so much to be thankful for, so many adventures we have had and so much transformation we have seen. We celebrate a year in which we had the...

Below is the face of a boy who knows how it feels to be a prodigal Son and we had the great privilege of watching his story unfold….

Throughout the year we have seen some amazing things, awful things, beautiful things and sad things. We have experienced God cover us through them all. Another thing that we continue…

To start off our new year, we want to say a BIG thank you for all of your love, and support throughout…

Life is beautiful back here in Kenya… Some days are tough on the heart and on the emotions. Some days are just plain exhausting! But most days are amazing….

Today we write our update a long way from home at our UK base, Lucy’s parent’s house. We have returned to England to visit loved ones and to have a quick visa break before our return to Kenya...

The 7th of January. Wow, what a miracle day. We needed to find somewhere to live by the end of this memorable day, we had hit our deadline!……

3 WEEKS TO GO… The countdown has begun and the packing has started! It is now just three weeks until our move to Kakamega Kenya. There is a lot of life to be lived before then….

The Adventure Begins!!! Hey Lovely people! Our exciting journey to Kenya has begun. We have booked our flights! On the second of January we will take three planes and a matatu mini bus to our new...

WE ARE MOVING!!! Hi lovely people. We are relocating to Kenya! God has been so amazing, as he challenges us to push open doors and fully rely on him as we take these big, sometimes scary steps. ...

Thank you!!! For your amazing support and prayers! Wow where to start! This trip has been an amazing, heart wrenching, chaotic honour of an experience. Thank you for blessing over 100 children in 2...

Hi all! Thank you so much for your on going support and prayer. It is so valued to us, you are all awesome! We felt it time for a bit of an update 🙂 God has given us the go ahead to go back to...

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