This piece of paper signifies almost a year of work for us and we are excited! We work closely with the Kenyan Government and our proposal to create a Street Children’s Welfare Consortium for Kakamega has been approved!

The Kakamega County Street Children’s Welfare Consortium is built up of 11 stakeholders ranging from Government officials, police and probation teams to local NGO’s are represented. All of whom came together today for the first time, to discuss the welfare of the street connected children in our town.
We are so excited to work together as one body, learning and supporting each other in the common goal to see the problem eradicated and to see these children protected as they grow into thriving members of their communities.


Read on to find out the Key points from this important meeting and why we are celebrating!

  • The overall objective for the consortium has been agreed and set as REINTEGRATION!!
  • We as a charity have been given the great privilege of being voted as chair and as chair we will guide meetings and organise timings and plans.
  • The consortium has been given the opportunity to write a new Kakamega County Policy for Street Connected Children. This will be presented to County Government to be passed.
  • The Consortium will be given the opportunity to submit for Government funding opportunities.
  • We were able to discuss with partner organisations the effects of enabling, through feeding programmes and clothing donations.
  • We were able to open up a discussion with the police directly, on the problem of the sale of glue to street connected children in the Kakamega County

What an amazing opportunity that God has given us to see change in the lives of the children around us!!!


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