About Us

About Us

Hope for happy endings, because no story is too lost for transformation.

Across the globe, youth in urban deprived areas are being robbed. Hope is being stolen. Our children and young adults are facing challenges. Challenges that range from drug addictions and gang violence, to poverty, abandonment, family breakdown and bullying. We believe that the love of the Father and His promise of hope is transformational. 

We are a family, helping others to bring the hope of God to our youth through resourcing, strategic planning, equipping and empowering. We believe that every child has the right to be a part of a loving and safe family. Each child should know that they are precious, cared for and able to make safe choices.

So what does that look like?


We, along with our team of qualified social workers at The Kenyan Children’s Project, work alongside the Kenyan Government to provide a direct reintegration programme, helping street connected children transition back into a safe family environment.


We provide and facilitate group workshops for youth offenders, street connected children and girls at risk of exploitation in Kenya.


We partner with Government officials, youth offenders teams, police and local NGO’s, as one body, to see long lasting change for the youth of Kenya.


We are passionate about resourcing and equipping those around us to be heroes of change within their own communities. We provide curriculum resources, strategic planning and support to those seeking to bring transformation in the lives of the children and young people they are connecting with.


About Us

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