Every child on the street, either living or working there, has a story behind them being there; be it that they are casualties of domestic violence, poverty, war, emotional abuse, physical or sexual abuse or are lured by the sheer excitement of freedom.

Street children are victims of neglect, social stigmatisation, cynicism and discrimination from the public. Their rights are continually violated. They are treated unjustly and are exploited every day.

Our Street Social Team do daily street walks to identify and interact with street children. This phase of The KCP’s ‘3 R’s Programme’ (RESCUE, REHABILITATE and REINTEGRATE) enables us to identify and mobilise children who may benefit from its programmes and where possible children are re-united with their parents, relatives or guardians.

Our Social Care Team then work alongside the children to address the more complex issues that initially caused them to flee to the streets. In most cases, the children are then closely supported through the transition of going back to their normal lives, and back to their homes, schools and communities.

Once the children are reintegrated back into their communities, we continue to work with the families, conducting regular home visits for follow-ups, conduct family therapy, and often we offer other supports.


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